We have closed our facility until 5/4 in order to take the necessary precautions for our employees, vendors and customers. We are hoping to bring back a small crew to start commissioning boats on 4/13. Please email Tim Cohan with any questions or concerns at tcohan@macdougalls.com. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.



Whether you work offshore, in dredging, or fisheries – you always need a good engine for your vessel. Caterpillar marine engines are known for their reliability and long service life. Typical applications for this brand line are propulsion engines, auxiliary engines and gensets. Caterpillar’s innovative technologies are designed to ensure the lowest possible emission levels.

To ensure maneuverability, propulsion and control throughout your vessel, Caterpillar offers Conventional Propeller Systems in a Controllable Pitch layout and Azimuth Propulsion Systems in Controllable and Fixed Pitch layouts as mechanical, electrical or hybrid driven solutions.
Our technology enabled solutions offer complete integrated monitoring, safety and control systems through total analysis of vessel data to further increase uptime and efficiency.

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