With our strong commitments to quality and reliability, evident by our broad portfolio of industry awards, Simrad can be trusted to get you where you want to go like no one else. Not only do we provide reliable equipment, we are also committed to delivering the most forward-thinking and practically designed equipment available in the market.

From our TouchSensible and multi-touch technology, the perfect hybrid of glass-bridge touchscreen display and all-weather conventional controls, to our cutting-edge HALO Radar and StructureScan™ 3D sonar, we give you the latest technology so you can get the most out of your time on the water.

Spanning back to 1946, Simrad Yachting was brought about by the union of many distinguished pioneers in marine technology. Robertson, Simonsen Radio, Shipmate, and Navico represent years of experience in marine autopilot, communications, satellite navigation, electronic chart plotters, echosounders, instrumentation, and multifunction displays.

Our name comes from Simonsen Radio which like Robertson, began converting surplus radios for use by commercial fishing vessels after WWII. With a range that covers recreational vessels of all sizes you can go from small runabouts and sportfishing vessels up to luxury cruisers and superyachts. The commercial series offers equipment for search and rescue/patrol boats, work boats, commercial fishing boats, passenger vessels, superyachts, and short sea/cargo vessels.

Today we offer a wide range of sophisticated auto steering. We also have navigation and safety products for vessels of all sizes, from small vessels on inland waterways to larger coastal commercial and passenger craft.