For over 40 years, the AWLGRIP brand name has been reputable for their fine coatings. They have earned this due to their magnificent quality, astounding finish, and continuous innovation.
Originally conceived as “ALLGRIP” in 1973, the name was accidentally recorded as “AWLGRIP” and the name stuck. AWLGRIP grew from the name of only a single product to a global brand. The products today are of a wide range of colors and effect, combined with high gloss and outstanding durability.

AWLGRIP is the complete solution for customers everywhere looking for superior quality, service, and product range. As an AkzoNobel brand, AWLGRIP proudly operates at a high level of sustainability and innovation. We keep safety and environmental impact as key considerations in every stage of our product developments.

As a world-leading supplier of yacht coatings, AWLGRIP goes beyond regulatory compliance in terms of reducing waste, removing VOC emissions and working towards more sustainable processes.